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I’m just preparing to play every day

(04-03) 21:25 PDT
Giants manager Bruce Bochy said
he might announce the Opening Day roster as early as today and
continued to hint the plan is to keep just two catchers, with third
baseman Pablo Sandoval the backup.

“That’s fine. I’ll take that,” Sandoval said. “I don’t care what
position. I’m just preparing to play every day, 170-something games.”

Why 170 something when the season lasts just 162? “Got to focus on the World Series,” said Sandoval, who’s oozing youthful optimism. Asked if he’s prepared to change into
catcher’s gear despite catching just three innings in spring training,
the 22-year-old said, “You catch in the minors for four years, you
can’t forget it.”

Bochy said the plan would probably be temporary and workable because
the Giants have four off days in April. With Sandoval the only catcher
other than Bengie Molina, Steve Holm
who made an alert throw to third base on a double play in the 10th
inning of Oakland’s 2-1 victory – would be the odd man out even though
Bochy said Holm “raised his level of play the last 10 days.”

Great attitude.