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Who will Pablo Sandoval be?

From Know Your Foe (Rockies)

2009             AB HR Avg OBP SLG

Bill James    540 17 .320 .346 .500
CHONE       477 11 .283 .315 .426
Grant           520 13 .287 .309 .439

Verdict:  I believe Bill James is too optimistic in his
projection, although Sandoval has the talent to achieve those numbers
in the near future.  The Rockies’ pitchers need to take advantage of
his lack of discipline to avoid Sandoval from connecting with one of
his big swings.  Colorado did well against him in 08, holding him to
just a .156 average, although two of his five hits were home runs.  He
won’t hit as well in 09 as he did in 08 naturally, but the guy is only
22.  I’m petrified of his potential.

We’ll talk in September.